June 12, 2024

Needing breakthrough prayer,

Needing breakthrough prayer, please. If you are willing, please pray fervently until you have peace from God that it is done/accomplished! Thank you so much: Please pray for lots of God’s redeeming and saving grace, mercy, compassion and loving kindness today. Pray for revelation and understanding regarding why I am still sick and what God means when he says “redeeming love” will heal what is wrong. Pray for God’s comfort and presence. Pray for lifted burdens and for God’s help and deliverance in my situation in Jesus name. Pray for a spirit of adoption and love to cast out every spirit of bondage and fear in Jesus name. Pray God be kind and gracious to me and redeem my life from the pit and from all the slavery and oppression of the evil one in Jesus name. Pray God love me and not reject me and that he defend me and protect me from all evil and harm in Jesus name. Pray it please God to love me, heal me, bless me and remove shame and failure far from me in Jesus name.

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